Membership Information

How to join the JSSE

  To apply for membership in the JSSE, simply complete the following application form (available online) and send it to the Branch Office (General Affairs) by mail or fax as shown below. After receiving your application and review/approval by the Board of Directors, the Branch Office will contact you regarding payment of the membership fee. As our business year is from July 1 to June 30, be sure to indicate the year for which you wish to apply. If you have any questions or queries, please contact the Branch Office.

[Address for Membership Applications]
Japan Society for Science Education, Branch Office
Nakanishi Printing Company, Academic Society Management Department
Ogawa-higashi-iru, Shimodachiuri-tori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-8048 Japan

To download the Application form, click here.    PDF  Word

Admission Fee and Annual Membership Fee

■ Admission fee: 1,000
■ Annual Membership fees
     Individual: 10,000
     Student: 5,000
     Institutional: 20,000
     Patronage 15,000 / unit, 2 or more units

Payable by transfer to the following bank account:
   Postal account: Japan Society for Science Education
   Bank account: Mizuho Bank, Kyoto Chuo Branch, Japan Society for Science Education (ordinary account)

Member Benefits

Benefits from the JSSE
■ The JSSE will send you the "Journal of Science Education in Japan" (quarterly publication) and "Science Education Newsletter" (bi-monthly online publication).
■ The JSSE will also send you announcements of symposiums, lectures, research meetings, and conferences.
■ The JSSE will provide cooperation and support for outstanding research and activities, etc.

Privileges of Members
■ You can submit papers for publication in the Journal of Science Education in Japan and the proceedings of the JSSE annual conference.
■ You can attend and make presentations at JSSE sponsored and co-sponsored research meetings, academic lectures, symposiums, etc.
■ You can attend and make presentations at research meetings held by the JSSE for research exchanges rooted in local regions.
You can participate in research presentations and research exchanges in the six JSSE workshops held each year in various parts of Japan. However, please note that the membership/annual subscription fee for "Research Reports (Science Education Research Reports)" of JSSE is 4,000/year (separate from JSSE membership fees).